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headcanon that right after the first time Cas kisses Dean, Dean will touch his fingers to his lips and give kind of a quirky half-smile and mumble “awesome” under his breath


i bet deanna would be so envious of jo

because jo has a mother, and she’s always had one, and ellen is such a presence in jo’s life. and deanna misses that so much — or rather, misses what she imagines it would be like, to have a mother, to talk about mom things with, who doesn’t look away and grunt when she cries and who would brush her hair and braid it

and of course jo envies deanna just as much, because to jo, deanna is free to go off and have adventures and save the day and never gets told “you can’t come, you’re just a girl”

but they would also be like the greatest friends? and so, so, so happy to see each other when they cross paths, because sometimes you just need another lady hunter to commiserate with.


deanna winchester with mace and lip balm and knives all jumbled together in her bag, chipped nails and split ends, holding the impala’s keys between her fingers when she walks through a parking lot at night and when it gets hot outside she says fuck it and wears tank tops even though everyone can see the scars on her shoulder from that bullet graze at 13, that bite mark some monster left on her last week, that car accident that almost killed her

deanna winchester growing up without her mom and always wonderstruck, amazed, enchanted by women; deanna winchester watching the other girls in school and always trying to learn their ways but always feeling a step behind.  maybe she looks the part at first but she never masters that braid or learns the coolest boy band’s songs, and the girls’ mothers ask questions in soft hushed voices about her home life, and she lies and lies and lies, and then it’s time to move schools and everything is different all over again

deanna winchester