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He expects things to have changed between them. He expects that when Dean wakes up and finds himself still tangled up in the blankets with Castiel, he’s going to panic. He expects that they’re going to have a horrible, awkward talk about what happened and Dean will want to go back to the way things were, to pretend that what happened never happened, and Castiel just won’t be able to do that. Not after this. When Dean wakes up, Castiel is going to lose his best friend.

So Castiel stays as still as he can so he doesn’t disturb Dean’s sleep, breathing in his scent, memorizing the weight of him, the way they fit together. He watches the pale morning sunlight play over Dean’s face. He tries to make it last forever.

When Dean finally yawns and stretches in his arms, Castiel is torn between despair and a warm burst of affection in his chest at learning how adorable a sleep-warmed, half-awake Dean is.

"Mm. Mornin’, Cas," Dean mumbles.

"Good morning," Castiel whispers, as if he’s going to break the spell Dean still seems to be under if he’s too loud.

Dean finally opens his eyes and looks up at Castiel. His smile is warm and relaxed, more open than Castiel has ever seen him look before. Any second now he’ll realize what they’re doing, what they did. Any second now he’ll snap out of it.

Instead, Dean tilts his head up for a kiss. Castiel stiffens, too surprised to return the kiss until it’s over.

Dean just chuckles. “Sorry. Morning breath.”

Castiel watches in stunned silence as Dean gets up, stretches again, and pulls his pants on.

"Hey, you okay?" Dean says, frowning for the first time.


"Wait. Are you, uh…regretting this?"

"No, no, not at all," Castiel says quickly, shaking his head.

"Good," Dean says with a relieved grin.

"Just…isn’t this going to…change things between us?"

Dean laughs. “Well, I’d hope so. Don’t think I could exactly go back to pretending I’m not in love with you after this.”

All Castiel hears for the next few seconds is the pounding of his own heart. Dean loves him. Dean is in love with him. He gets to keep this.

"…or we could go out somewhere if you wanted, but I figure I can just make pancakes and we could bring a movie in here. Whatever you wanna do, man," Dean is saying as Castiel finally gets up and walks over to him. Dean pauses in putting on his shirt and smiles at him. "What sounds good, Cas?"

Instead of answering, Castiel pulls him into a hard kiss, yanking the shirt out of his hands and tossing it onto the floor. Before he knows what he’s doing he’s got Dean pinned underneath him on the bed again, and Dean is grinning up at him.

"Works for me," he says.

Castiel pauses. “You’re still making pancakes when we’re done.”

"Of course," Dean says, and Castiel leans in to catch his lips again.


i really want a france!au where dean is studying abroad in france for a year (because he’s a genius thank you very much), but he’s actually truly awful at speaking french

because he’s a chemist who got into a special program and everyone at the research center speaks english, so he’d only needed a rudimentary knowledge to participate in the program

needless to say, he has difficulty making it around paris

and it gets even more difficult when the hottest guy he’s ever seen in his entire life, with blue eyes and gorgeous messy hair - that looks way too good to be an accident by the way - tries to hit on him at a bar and fails miserably

because dean doesn’t speak french

and casti- castie-what ? dean can’t understand, but he thinks he hears ‘cas’… and cas can’t speak english so they kind of stare at each other until dean breaks out a translator app on his phone and tries to figure out what cas had said to him

and dean spends the whole night with cas, sitting at a bar in paris, translating things back and forth (pretty horribly, but they can’t seem to stop laughing and laughter is universal)

dean thinks he’s a little in love… cliché as it is. (even if cas’ first pick up line had been ‘did you fall from heaven’)

they kiss that night in a stupid garden like stupid lovestruck idiots because cas stupidly decides to gesture wildly for dean to follow him, and they spend the night holding hands like sappy dorks and running around the city

because it’s the city of love, right?


someone pls, 30k of Cas meeting Benny through his best friend Dean and completely fucking hating him, telling Dean he’s a bad influence because he dresses like a biker and he smokes too much and he heard from someone that he used to be involved in a gang or something idk

and Dean of course is like “lol f u cas”

so Cas spends hours coming up with little ways to prank Benny, subtly insulting him whenever he’s hanging out with Dean at the same time, pretending like he doesn’t hear him if he talks to him and being a complete douchewad

until Dean is sick of it and invites them both over for a movie, then ditches them in his basement to see if they’ll talk their shit out. Cas spends the first 30 minutes glaring at Benny resentfully, while Benny just smirks at him, until he snaps and starts telling Benny everything he thinks about him

Benny lets him get it all out, then he starts telling Cas what a pretentious, judgmental asshole he is, correcting every wrong assumption he’s made about him, until Cas is completely red and ready to either punch Benny in the face or run out of the room in embarrassment

but it isn’t until Benny says that he thinks that reason Cas really hates him is because Cas is in love with Dean that Cas snaps and launches himself at Benny

when Dean opens the door cautiously a while later, ready to diffuse the situation if Cas and Benny are still fighting, he sees Benny sitting on the couch, Cas between his knees sucking his dick like he was gonna fucking die if he didn’t get all of Benny’s come down his throat.

Benny’s fisting his hands in Cas’s hair and telling him what a little slut he is, and how he’s gonna make him bend over for both him and Dean next time they were all alone together, make him take both their cocks at the same time since a greedy mouth like his shouldn’t go to waste, until Cas was whining around his cock and Benny was groaning, coming down Cas’s throat and holding his head in place so he swallows it all ・゜・(ノД`)